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About us


NL Urban Solutions offers the outstanding collective international experience in urban planning and landscape design. Our expertise includes all-scale urban planning, urban design, ecological planning, landscape planning, and water management. We have an extensive background in regional planning, large-scale master plans, and riverfront projects in Europe and China.

Initially primarily a European office, our practice in China began in 2013. Our most recent work is a regional ecological master plan which combines ecology, flooding, tourism, agro-food, and a slow traffic network. From NLUS’s inception, we’ve been committed to delivering multifaceted urban solutions with exceptional performance, quality, and resilience.

Our principals, Marja Nevalainen and Rong Hu, lead a diverse international team of urbanists, landscape architects, and architects. Multinational collaboration is a key element in our process. In our work, we regularly collaborate with the top Dutch and Chinese knowledge institutes, to gain expert feedback on diverse topics such as hydrologic engineering or sustainable agricultural development.

We at NL Urban Solutions are committed to providing integrated approaches and feasible solutions, to build a healthy and sustainable world.

Our capabilities include:

– Sustainable Urban Transformation: regional and urban planning and design, including placemaking, regional planning, analysis of spatial opportunities, and integration and design of spatial frameworks

– Ecology & Landscape Design: River landscape analyses and integrated planning, public space landscape design, ecological planning, and design of urban and rural areas

– Water management: integrating green-blue structures and sponge city principles, water harvesting techniques, strategies for improving water quality, drought and flood resilience, and climate change adaptation

– Healthy city design: design guidelines and master planning for recreational slow traffic network, and green route development

– Tourism, Leisure, and Recreation: Sustainable Tourism Planning, river tourism, water leisure and recreation programming, and tourism destination development