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Second prize for landscape and public space design of Academician Valley


NL Urban Solutions (NLUS), in cooperation with GVL (Guangzhou), was shortlisted for the concept landscape design of the new city: Academician Valley. They were selected, together with three other American and Chinese companies, from 26 applications worldwide. The city, with planned area of 21.7 km2 and a population of a half million people will become the center area and ‘economic engine’ of Jinghe New City, Xi’an, Shaan Xi Province, China.


The jury praised NLUS for their ecological, resilient approach, and creative design concept. Storm water management and ecological measures were well integrated with the landscape design. “With the ambitious goal ‘to become the best ecological environment, attract the most outstanding talents and gather the strongest high-end industries, NLUS created conditions for a green, livable and healthy city”, says one of the jury members. NLUS  believes that the nature based and people oriented public space and landscape design plays a significant role in attracting future talents.

The competition consisted of two parts. The first part was the concept design for the entire public space, green structure and green streets inside the 8,8 km2 core area. The second part consisted of the detailed landscape design for the water channel and center lake.

“In our concept design we proposed the comprehensive blue green network with different scales (XL-great ecological corridors, L-water system, M-green streets, S-community green and green buildings). The complete green-blue system can make a green city as well as a resilient city that is adaptive in different climate conditions. In the detailed landscape design, we proposed a park area, where the water channel becomes a natural river with soft banks, wetlands, islands and gullies. The design is a basis for diverse bio-habitats for local flora and fauna. The flooding safety is combined with ecological recovery and spatial quality. The slow traffic paths are designed to provide safe and connected routes. In the center, green roofs on top of the commercial buildings were designed to function as extension of the green public space. We chose to introduce organic language for the landscape design, to emphasize the contrast with the grid layout of the urban design.”

First prize in international landscape design competition for Jinghe River


NL Urban Solutions has won the first prize in an international landscape design competition. The jury praised their winning design for the Jinghe River in Xi’an, China, for its ecological and natural approach and innovative ideas. The other six selected international companies and consortia were representing China, Japan, Australia and America.


The Jinghe River has a gorgeous historical culture and will cross Jinghe New City, one of the five major development areas in Xixian New District, with a planned population of half a million people in a project area of 21.7 km2. NL Urban Solutions (NLUS), is excited that they can implement their design: “Our design for 17 km centrally in the new city located river front combines the flooding safety with ecological recovery of the natural river, maintains the dynamic river balance and creates bio-habitats for various local flora and fauna. The plan includes a floodplain area, riverfront parks, a boulevard park of 5 kilometers with 80,000 m2 of commercial space, wetlands and lakes, connects with the new city with the green-blue network and upgrades the rural area with several villages. The river park will help to position the Jinghe New City as a touristic destination integrating the rich history, unique culture and heritage of the region.”


The jury praised the systematic and integral approach, the advanced design concept and the professional water management knowledge. “Although many companies are aiming to create an ecological river, the design by NLUS is the only one that can truly achieve this goal. In the concept design ecology measures are well integrated with the landscape”, says jury member Jiancang Jie.

The client for the project is Xixian New District Jinghe New City Development Group. Director of their design department, Xining Zhang, is looking forward to implementing the design: “We like the nature-based design, which emphasizes the harmony of human and nature. The boulevard park can become a real name card for the new city. It integrates the commercial space in an innovative way with the landscape and offers a view balcony to the river.”

NLUS works on further developing the concept design. The result will guide the riverfront development in the final design and construction design phase, which will be finalised by a local office next year.


NLUS received six YUANYE Awards in 2018

Recently, NLUS won six awards( including the outstanding projects, outstanding teams and outstanding designers) of the 9th YUANYE AWARD International Competition. The awards include:

Project award: Gold Award for Haiyang Chaoyang Mountain Forest Park Planning, Gold Award for the Central Axis Landscape Belt (Ramen Culture Park) of New Districts in Hualong, Master Plan for Comprehensive Water Management of the Xingjiang River in Anshun City and Landscape Design of Leba River got the Silver Award

Team award: the 2018 Excellent Design Agency.

Designeraward: annual excellent designer – Rong Hu and Marja Nevalainen

‘YUANYE AWARD’ is an international competition to promote the harmonious development of landscape architecture, improving the awareness of landscape architecture and the level of green design. Thanks to the great efforts from every team member! Be proud of NLUS!

NLUS Shortlisted for Xi’an Happiness Forest Belt Landscape and Lighting Design Plan

image from https://m.jiemian.com/article/1479719.html

Our bidding for Xi’an Happiness Forest Belt Landscape and Lighting Design Plan (“Happiness Forest Belt” below) has been selected as one of the four candidates from around the world.

See other tenders click here

This competition was hosted by Xi’an Xingfu Road Comprehensive Transformation Management Committee. As the largest municipal project, the largest greening project and all sectors recognized livelihood project in Xi’an since the founding of the People’s Republic of China, Happiness Forest Belt project is also the largest underground space complex of the world and the largest city Green Belt construction project of China, whose total landscape greening project land area is 67.42Ha. We apply our expertise in urban landscape design, lighting design, urban environment infrastructure and cultural identity to draw the Xi’an Name Card Together.

image from https://mp.weixin.qq.com/s/gBWp4D2w-suhfV9kjmwsvA

More information about this competition you could find via http://yyb.chla.com.cn/index.php?m=Ladesign&a=xaxfld_en

NLUS attended IFLA World Congress Award Gala

Yesterday, Rong Hu, the co-founder of NLUS attended the IFLA World Congress Award Gala in Singapore. Our Ecological Landscape Concept Planning of Qinghai Haidong Huangshui River Basin project was honored in the Analysis and Planning category in this congress with other winners.

The conference enhanced networking opportunity globally, and presented recently completed projects, international awards and topics that demonstrate biophilia innovations, universal ecosystems, therapeutic landscapes, inclusive designs, smart building solutions, greening policies and smart eco-systems enhancement. The congress was a milestone for thought-leadership to drive the future of biophilic cities, to enhance smart nations’ capabilities and build future resilience for the next generation.

Read more information about the honored project

# IFLA AAPME Awards 2018 – Resilience by Design

An inaugural award initiated by the IFLA Africa, Asia Pacific and Middle East (AAPME) regions. Organized by the IFLA Asia Pacific region and Co-Chaired by the three IFLA regional presidents, it is an international award for landscape design and planning recognition that is open to all IFLA regions and practitioners around the world for projects within the Africa, Asia Pacific and Middle East regions. The Award offers unlimited submissions and free registration to all.

It is the first ever cross-regional collaborative platform created to showcase single and multidisciplinary projects grounded in the landscape, with the intention of building resilience in our urban and natural systems. The Award is also a call for examples of climate change adaptation, responsible practice and the pursuit of joint efforts to address issues of resilience building, illustrated with actual case studies.

Resilience is a goal. Building resilience is a continual process. There are many different areas of focus and challenge within resilience which are reflected in the award categories. Some of these categories also aim to focus on the intricate facets and outcomes that landscape architects have to support, protect and strengthen during the process of building resilience in our cities and our environments.


NLUS Received IFLA AAPME Award

The International Federation of Landscape Architects (IFLA) Asia-Pacific Region has announced the results of its inaugural IFLA Africa, Asia Pacific and Middle East (AAPME) award. In 2018, 115 projects were recognized across a range of categories. NL Urban solutions is delighted to have received an Honorable Mention in the Analysis and Planning category for our Ecological Landscape Concept Planning of Qinghai Haidong Huangshui River Basin project, which cooperated with Beijing Tsinghua Tongheng Urban Planning and Design Institute.

NL Urban Solutions will receive the award at the IFLA World Congress Award Gala in July. 

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NLUS wins gold and silver prizes at the 8th Yuan Ye Award International Competition

Two of our projects have won the recognition of this year’s Yuan Ye Award international committee. Hualong Yellow River Tourism Road (Slow Traffic) Planning is awarded the golden prize in the Urban Planning category. It tackles 38 km complex terrains for tourism infrastructure with a sense of cultural and landscape responsibility. Haidong Huangshui River Basin Ecological Landscape Master Plan is awarded the silver prize in the same category. The project applies GIS tools to the study of the 80 km river basin, and plans a safe and sustainable space for regional growth in a landscape vulnerable to landslide, flooding and drought.

Haidong Huangshui River Basin Ecological Landscape Master Plan

Hualong Yellow River Tourism Road (Slow Traffic)

Our office directors Marja Nevalainen and Rong Hu were invited at the ensuing Yuan Ye Summit Forum and Asian Landscape Architecture Conference. Marja also stood as presenter for speaking on water-responsive urban design and planning. The two-day summit held in Beijing gathered together the world’s leading experts, government leaders and scholars, and local companies in landscape architecture, real-estate development and engineering, as well as representatives from education institutions.