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NLUS will participate IWA-ASPIRE 2019 in Hongkong

NL Urban Solutions will participate IWA-ASPIRE 2019 in Hongkong. NL Urban Solutions and Deltares have proposed an innovative resilient urban design in the Shenzhen New Marine City International Competition. Dr. Ye Qinghua, Deltares, will give the presentation of ‘Quantitative assessment of water system design for Shenzhen New Marine City’.

The design of the consortium team is based on the ‘empoldering method’. Therefore the water-land system is safe, adaptive, environmental friendly. Many innovative measures have been integrated with the total design: maintain natural water exchange by controlling the groundwater level, reduce the influences of tides and typhoons through natural mangrove defence zones, store, purify and reuse rainwater, provide clean energy via ATES (Aquifer Thermal Energy Storage) and so on. The report in IWA-ASPIRE congress will focus on using a chain of numerical models in the design process. And how the quantitatively assessed results have helped our multi-disciplinary team to make a hydrological and environmental sound decisions in the design.

IWA-ASPIRE is one of the most influential water professionals’ conference in the Asia-Pacific region. The theme of this year is ‘to expand the water resources with wisdom and create a resilient water environment with technology’. The conference will be held at the Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Center from 31st October to 2nd November 2019. There will be more than a thousand participants from around the world to join the conferences, technical exchanges and seminars.

At the same time, the report from Partners for International Business (PIB) was selected as the theme of ‘Water and Energy Relationship’. Mrs. Su Nan from DSBP will give a speech. The report is about PIB expertise and PIB’s ongoing research on China’s current environmental and water management challenges. NL Urban Solutions participates in the Dutch Government supported program: Partners for International Business (PIB).

click to download the article: Quantitative assessment of water system design for Shenzhen New Marine City


NLUS received six YUANYE Awards in 2018

Recently, NLUS won six awards( including the outstanding projects, outstanding teams and outstanding designers) of the 9th YUANYE AWARD International Competition. The awards include:

Project award: Gold Award for Haiyang Chaoyang Mountain Forest Park Planning, Gold Award for the Central Axis Landscape Belt (Ramen Culture Park) of New Districts in Hualong, Master Plan for Comprehensive Water Management of the Xingjiang River in Anshun City and Landscape Design of Leba River got the Silver Award

Team award: the 2018 Excellent Design Agency.

Designeraward: annual excellent designer – Rong Hu and Marja Nevalainen

‘YUANYE AWARD’ is an international competition to promote the harmonious development of landscape architecture, improving the awareness of landscape architecture and the level of green design. Thanks to the great efforts from every team member! Be proud of NLUS!

NLUS received second prize in the international competition “Xi’an Happiness Forest Belt Landscape and Lighting Design Plan”!

Recently, NLUS  won the unanimous affirmation of the expert review by virtue of its excellent design ability and solid professional experience. The concept of “Happiness Road, Weaving Nature” has won the second prize. Here, we warmly congratulate the team involved in designing and providing project support!

The construction of the Happy Forest Belt is the largest municipal project in Xi’an since the founding of the People’s Republic of China. It is the largest greening project and the people’s livelihood project. It is the largest underground space complex in the world and the largest urban forest belt construction project in the country. The forest belt has a planned length of 5.1 kilometers and an average width of 200 meters. The total planned investment is about 20 billion yuan. The contest was designed to complete the concept design of the landscape and greening of the happy forest belt. Since the release, the contest has received the application materials submitted by 33 landscape design companies at home and abroad, and submitted and selected through the layer plan, the final Dutch urban plan. Planning and Architectural Design Office, Atkins Consultant (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd. Shanghai Branch, Tongji University Architectural Design and Research Institute and the United States BPI Lighting Consortium and Shenzhen Beilinyuan and Yue Daming Wisdom Lighting Technology Co., Ltd. The unit was short-listed for final review. The NLUS Dutch Urban Project starts from BIOPHILIC DESIGN and creates a true urban oasis with natural and ecological landscape design. This program stands out from many outstanding international design teams and won the second prize. It also provides a deeper design. Learn from the experience.



NLUS brings Dutch experience on Sustainable Urban Renewal to Sun Yat-sen University, China

NL Urban Solutions is invited to the event “Knowledge-to-Knowledge: Urban Governance and Stakeholder Participation in Sustainable Urban Renewal” in Sun Yat-sen University in Guangzhou, China on 22nd and 23rd November. The event is led by Institue for Housing and Urban Development (HIS) and Erasmus University Rotterdam, and cooperated with Sub-deparment of Enviornmental Technology in Wageningen University & Research, Center for Chinese Public Administration Research in Sun Yat-sen University.

The purpose of this K2K event is to discuss an integrated approach for urban (re-)development projects with inclusion of Dutch and Chinese participants. An exchange of and reflection on experiences from cases in both the Netherlands and China will feed into this approach that could ultimately result in action plans for urban re-development and possibly the establishing of future cooperation.

Our co-founder Marja Nevalainen will present the Dutch experience entitled “Tackling regeneration, success factors of comprehensive urban renewal in Delft” on 23rd November.


NLUS will attend ‘living with water: Water and Urban Development Forum and Matchmaking Meeting’

From November 18 to 23, 2018, NL Urban Solutions will travel as a member of Partnership International Business to China (Beijing, Guangzhou and Shenzhen). This Dutch expert delegation will organize a Sino-Dutch “Water and Urban Development” Summit Forum in Guangzhou on November 21, with the support of the Ministry of Infrastructure & Environment and the Guangzhou Dutch Consulate.

Rong Hu, the co-founder of NLUS, will give the speech in the forum entitled: ‘Building Resilient Cities – the Benefits of Blue Green System‘.


NLUS attended IFLA World Congress Award Gala

Yesterday, Rong Hu, the co-founder of NLUS attended the IFLA World Congress Award Gala in Singapore. Our Ecological Landscape Concept Planning of Qinghai Haidong Huangshui River Basin project was honored in the Analysis and Planning category in this congress with other winners.

The conference enhanced networking opportunity globally, and presented recently completed projects, international awards and topics that demonstrate biophilia innovations, universal ecosystems, therapeutic landscapes, inclusive designs, smart building solutions, greening policies and smart eco-systems enhancement. The congress was a milestone for thought-leadership to drive the future of biophilic cities, to enhance smart nations’ capabilities and build future resilience for the next generation.

Read more information about the honored project

# IFLA AAPME Awards 2018 – Resilience by Design

An inaugural award initiated by the IFLA Africa, Asia Pacific and Middle East (AAPME) regions. Organized by the IFLA Asia Pacific region and Co-Chaired by the three IFLA regional presidents, it is an international award for landscape design and planning recognition that is open to all IFLA regions and practitioners around the world for projects within the Africa, Asia Pacific and Middle East regions. The Award offers unlimited submissions and free registration to all.

It is the first ever cross-regional collaborative platform created to showcase single and multidisciplinary projects grounded in the landscape, with the intention of building resilience in our urban and natural systems. The Award is also a call for examples of climate change adaptation, responsible practice and the pursuit of joint efforts to address issues of resilience building, illustrated with actual case studies.

Resilience is a goal. Building resilience is a continual process. There are many different areas of focus and challenge within resilience which are reflected in the award categories. Some of these categories also aim to focus on the intricate facets and outcomes that landscape architects have to support, protect and strengthen during the process of building resilience in our cities and our environments.


NLUS represents sustainable urban design at 2018 China International Economic & Trade Fair

China is one of the world’s fasted urbanising countries, with substantial needs for sustainable urban solutions. During May 12-19, NLUS attends in the China (Langfang) International Economic & Trade Fair as part of the business delegation of Zuid Holland province. With a history of 34 years, the annual event is a major highlight in China’s annual opening-up economic activities. Together with organisations like Deltares, Wageningen UR and Arcadis, we are disseminating the Dutch integrated urban solutions (water, environmental protection and urban planning) to a large Chinese audience.

NLUS wins gold and silver prizes at the 8th Yuan Ye Award International Competition

Two of our projects have won the recognition of this year’s Yuan Ye Award international committee. Hualong Yellow River Tourism Road (Slow Traffic) Planning is awarded the golden prize in the Urban Planning category. It tackles 38 km complex terrains for tourism infrastructure with a sense of cultural and landscape responsibility. Haidong Huangshui River Basin Ecological Landscape Master Plan is awarded the silver prize in the same category. The project applies GIS tools to the study of the 80 km river basin, and plans a safe and sustainable space for regional growth in a landscape vulnerable to landslide, flooding and drought.

Haidong Huangshui River Basin Ecological Landscape Master Plan

Hualong Yellow River Tourism Road (Slow Traffic)

Our office directors Marja Nevalainen and Rong Hu were invited at the ensuing Yuan Ye Summit Forum and Asian Landscape Architecture Conference. Marja also stood as presenter for speaking on water-responsive urban design and planning. The two-day summit held in Beijing gathered together the world’s leading experts, government leaders and scholars, and local companies in landscape architecture, real-estate development and engineering, as well as representatives from education institutions.