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Ecological landscape

Collective international experience

Collaboration with the top Dutch and Chinese knowledge institute

Multinational collaboration

Employ NL Urban solutions to design and create an ecological landscape. NL Urban Solutions has collective international experience throughout Europe and China. With an ecological landscape we design and maintain landscapes that considers the ecology of a certain environment. We create green spaces that enhance the environment for the benefit of humans and all other life in the ecosystem.

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An ecological landscape in your city

Government institutions, local and national governments, project developers, and other companies can use our expertise. You can think of designing public space landscape design, ecological planning, and design of urban and rural areas. In 2018 we won multiple awards for our landscapes, such as the Chishi river. Our specialty lies in various aspects, such as landscape water management and river landscape designs.


Burgemeester Elsenlaan 325, 2282 MZ, Rijswijk, The Netherlands


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+31 (0)70-36 33 126


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NL Urban Solutions B.V.

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Use our knowledge and experience

As a landscape development office, situated in Rijswijk, the Netherlands, we would be happy to help you create an ecological landscape in your city. Thanks to our expertise we have a multinational partnership with the top Dutch and Chinese knowledge institute. Do you want more information about the possibilities? Or do you want to use our expertise in the field of ecological landscape? Get in touch with our experts. Call +31 (0)70-36 33 126, send an e-mail to info@nlurbansolutions.com or fill in our online contact form.