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‘Act smart for a healthy future’: ARCHICOMM published the theme column of NLUS

‘Act smart for a healthy future’: ARCHICOMM published the theme column of NLUS

NL Urban Solutions’ Directors Marja Nevalainen and Rong Hu were interviewed for a column in Archicomm Magazine about the importance of including water management and climate adaptation in urban development plans. The column argues that the Netherlands has great experience with integrated water management, and thus, great potential to combine the current challenges of increased housing demand and adaptation to climate change (flooding, droughts, heat waves, biodiversity loss) in a way that results in a ‘sponge country’ that benefits both people and ecologies.

However, the current decentralized model of spatial planning does not allow for integrated, regional-level approaches, which are necessary to deal with the housing and climate adaptation challenges simultaneously and effectively. It is also argued that more interdisciplinary collaboration and multi-purpose public funding structures are needed to ensure comprehensive urban and regional developments will result in a healthy and habitable future.


Click on the following link to read the complete column.