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NL Urban Solutions invited to join Shenzhen Design Week

announcement shenzhen design week


During Shenzhen Design Week 2020, special attention is given to the legacy of the Dutch water management, and to the specific situation in China.

NL Urban Solutions is honored to show our design projects virtually in the Guest country exhibition.

The Netherlands is this years guest of honour. The topic of the exhibition: Water as Leverage for Sustainable Development. A Call to Action by Design!

Together with 6 urban design and landscape design firms from the Netherlands, NL Urban Solutions is honored to show our design projects virtually in the Guest country exhibition.

Enter the online exhibition of our contribution here: https://www.worldwateratlas.org/en/events/shenzhen-design-week/nl-urban-solutions


Presentation NL Urban Solutions

At 9.00 o’clock (Dutch time) during the online conference Marja Nevalainen will give a presentation about how we apply the Dutch water management and urban design solutions in our practices in Shenzhen. The subject of the presentation: Water as leverage for the future urban development of Shenzhen. We illustrate with our  Shenzhen Future Marine City competition design proposal (2018) how Shenzhen could deal with the diverse water issues in the future city development. NL Urban Solutions, in cooperation with Deltares, brought up a nature-based solution for the new district and a Dutch polder method for the land reclamation.


You can join the webinar through these links:

English livehttps://live.bilibili.com/22374342

Room no. in Bilibili: 22374342

Chinese livehttps://live.bilibili.com/22388075

Room no. in Bilibili: 22388075


For information about the conference and how to participate: