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NL Urban Solutions presents during Shenzhen Design week

NL Urban Solutions presents during Shenzhen Design week

NL Urban Solutions was invited in the online guest country exhibition and webinar ‘Water as leverage for the future urban development of Shenzhen’. 

You can review the complete presentation here.

In total over 800 designers in 33 design organizations from 20 countries and regions around the world presented their projects and shared their ideas during Shenzhen Design Week in August. The Netherlands was this year’s guest country of honor. Special attention was given to the legacy of the Dutch water management and the contribution of Dutch Design offices in Shenzhen and Asia.

Five urban design and landscape design companies from the Netherlands, who have been successfully involved in water related projects in Shenzhen, were also invited.

Marja Nevalainen took as example Shenzhen New Marine City competition project, where the water system was designed in cooperation with Deltares. “We illustrate with this integral city planning project, located in the Great Bay area, how Shenzhen could deal with the various water challenges.”