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NLUS received six YUANYE Awards in 2018

Recently, NLUS won six awards( including the outstanding projects, outstanding teams and outstanding designers) of the 9th YUANYE AWARD International Competition. The awards include:

Project award: Gold Award for Haiyang Chaoyang Mountain Forest Park Planning, Gold Award for the Central Axis Landscape Belt (Ramen Culture Park) of New Districts in Hualong, Master Plan for Comprehensive Water Management of the Xingjiang River in Anshun City and Landscape Design of Leba River got the Silver Award

Team award: the 2018 Excellent Design Agency.

Designeraward: annual excellent designer – Rong Hu and Marja Nevalainen

‘YUANYE AWARD’ is an international competition to promote the harmonious development of landscape architecture, improving the awareness of landscape architecture and the level of green design. Thanks to the great efforts from every team member! Be proud of NLUS!