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Hualong County was selected as one of the 127 featured towns of China, because of its unique Lamen culture. Besides this, its long history of farming, the magnificent natural landscape of the Yellow River, comfortable climate and abundant folk culture can support the development of the tourism economy.

The center of Qunke New District, where the project will be located, will showcase all of the above-mentioned characters. It will be the landmark of Qunke, the landscape business card for the county and the stage for the local culture history.

The spatial design of the project tries to meet the multiple function requirements for both daily activities and festivals instead of a traditional monotonous axis layout. By using rising wedge-shaped spaces to achieve the transition from lively atmosphere to daily use stage and to achieve the spatial balance between the square and the green land. The function design also reflects on the functions of the surrounded area to meet the multiple usage requirements.






Hualong County, Qinghai Province, China

Design period

November 2017-May 2018


02 Landschap ontwerp, 03 Waterbeheer, 06 China Projecten