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Shiyan river and Niugudou reservoir

Shiyan river and Niugudou reservoir

Shiyan river project has an 11.48km core construction scope, which covers from Shiyan Bridge to the upper reach of the river, including the Shilongzai tributary and Niugudou reservoir.

Inspired by the future development of the landscape, city, and neighborhood in Shiyan, the project puts forward the design concept of ‘landscape Shiyan, happy river street’ to create a more ecological urban tissue, a more charming industrial space, and more diverse neighborhood life in Shiyan.

The proposal integrates landscape design, urban design and environmental approaches, and formulate innovative exploration on river climate adaptive design and ecological value applications. It also stimulate the spatial & functional transformation on surrounding urban fabrics, to make Shiyan River an adaptive and active river park.

Our team consists of landscape architects, urban designers, architects, ecologists and hydrologists, which could provide flexible and feasible solutions for such complex project.


Shenzhen, China

Design period

June 2020 - October 2022

Cooperation partners

LINGNAN Design Group Ltd., China Design Group Co.Ltd.


IFLA AAPME awards 2022


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