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NLUS received second prize in the international competition “Xi’an Happiness Forest Belt Landscape and Lighting Design Plan”!

Recently, NLUS  won the unanimous affirmation of the expert review by virtue of its excellent design ability and solid professional experience. The concept of “Happiness Road, Weaving Nature” has won the second prize. Here, we warmly congratulate the team involved in designing and providing project support!

The construction of the Happy Forest Belt is the largest municipal project in Xi’an since the founding of the People’s Republic of China. It is the largest greening project and the people’s livelihood project. It is the largest underground space complex in the world and the largest urban forest belt construction project in the country. The forest belt has a planned length of 5.1 kilometers and an average width of 200 meters. The total planned investment is about 20 billion yuan. The contest was designed to complete the concept design of the landscape and greening of the happy forest belt. Since the release, the contest has received the application materials submitted by 33 landscape design companies at home and abroad, and submitted and selected through the layer plan, the final Dutch urban plan. Planning and Architectural Design Office, Atkins Consultant (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd. Shanghai Branch, Tongji University Architectural Design and Research Institute and the United States BPI Lighting Consortium and Shenzhen Beilinyuan and Yue Daming Wisdom Lighting Technology Co., Ltd. The unit was short-listed for final review. The NLUS Dutch Urban Project starts from BIOPHILIC DESIGN and creates a true urban oasis with natural and ecological landscape design. This program stands out from many outstanding international design teams and won the second prize. It also provides a deeper design. Learn from the experience.