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NLUS will participate IWA-ASPIRE 2019 in Hongkong

NL Urban Solutions will participate IWA-ASPIRE 2019 in Hongkong. NL Urban Solutions and Deltares have proposed an innovative resilient urban design in the Shenzhen New Marine City International Competition. Dr. Ye Qinghua, Deltares, will give the presentation of ‘Quantitative assessment of water system design for Shenzhen New Marine City’.

The design of the consortium team is based on the ‘empoldering method’. Therefore the water-land system is safe, adaptive, environmental friendly. Many innovative measures have been integrated with the total design: maintain natural water exchange by controlling the groundwater level, reduce the influences of tides and typhoons through natural mangrove defence zones, store, purify and reuse rainwater, provide clean energy via ATES (Aquifer Thermal Energy Storage) and so on. The report in IWA-ASPIRE congress will focus on using a chain of numerical models in the design process. And how the quantitatively assessed results have helped our multi-disciplinary team to make a hydrological and environmental sound decisions in the design.

IWA-ASPIRE is one of the most influential water professionals’ conference in the Asia-Pacific region. The theme of this year is ‘to expand the water resources with wisdom and create a resilient water environment with technology’. The conference will be held at the Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Center from 31st October to 2nd November 2019. There will be more than a thousand participants from around the world to join the conferences, technical exchanges and seminars.

At the same time, the report from Partners for International Business (PIB) was selected as the theme of ‘Water and Energy Relationship’. Mrs. Su Nan from DSBP will give a speech. The report is about PIB expertise and PIB’s ongoing research on China’s current environmental and water management challenges. NL Urban Solutions participates in the Dutch Government supported program: Partners for International Business (PIB).

click to download the article: Quantitative assessment of water system design for Shenzhen New Marine City