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Ledu Chaoyang Mountain Park

Chaoyang Mountain in Ledu district of Haidong, is famous for its outstanding Danxia land form. Since Haidong municipality would be relocated in Ledu district, Chaoyang Mountain area would be developed as a comprehensive mountain park, highlight with its Daxia land form and forestry value.

The Design emphasizes eco-recovery. Site conditions, including soil, water, climate, are used to inform dynamic local plants groups. The Project helps HaiDong establish its identity as a “green mountain, green valley and green city”. Along with the improvement to the accessibility, connectivity, landscape quality, and ecological value, the park serves as an important frontier for the entire mountain park. The Project provides resources for education, recreation, leisure and outdoor exploration, it will showcase LeDu’s natural resources and cultural identity.



This is the winning entry of the design and development of 12 ha in Duingeest, transfroming former horticulture area into a luxury green neighbourhood with 220 houses. The location lies close to the existing town, the sea and next to the dune landscape. In the 18th century, the location used to be a dune forest. The plan rehabilitates the original landscape of dune forest and dune landscape forms. The different levels of elevation of the ground form the basis for the double use of the land, hiding cars inside the dune landscape. It makes a car-free forest environment possible, in spite of relatively high density of housing.
The forestry plan includes a place for each grown up tree to be planted between the houses. The plan includes the urban and landscape design, as well as the design for the public space and playgrounds.


Keenenburg III/ Gaagoever Residential Area Design

The project Keenenburg III/ Gaagoever is situated along the north-eastern edge of the town of Schipluiden, The River Gaag runs directly along the site, and continues through the historical center of Schipluiden. South of the site is the suburb Keenenburg, developed between the late 80s and early 90s.

NLUS developed an urban plan for the site that included the new town hall and a small residential area. In order to secure the spatial quality of the project, we developed an additional quality plan, that works as an assessment framework for the aesthetics committee of the municipality.
The urban plan is split into two parts. The northern part of the site houses the town hall, that has been realized in December 2012. The southern part of the site contains 17 dwellings realized in 2013. The existing dike along the Gaag river has been widened in order to ensure the safe construction of the villas and town hall along the river.

The relation between the two parts of the site, the existing village, the large difference in elevation throughout the site, the river and the surrounding polders and the relationship with the surrounding landscape are the most important elements of both the urban plan and the quality plan.