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This entry to a competition in 2005 presents a vision for the peninsula of Voorne. The proposal encompasses the major aspects of the area: developments in the greenhouse area, and the preservation of the landscape. This is primarily accomplished through preserving existing creeks in the polders and expanding villages. This vision has been a basis upon which another NL Urban Solutions project has been founded: the Greenhouse Intensification Area of Westvoorne.



In addition to a structure plan, Hämeenlinna decided to make a long-term structure vision that would direct the development of the municipality towards its ambition to be more attractive and sustainable.

The openness of the landscape and the tradition of land ownership have been hollowing out Finnish cities for a long time. The city of Hämeenlinna is no exception. To reverse this trend, a structure and development vision have been elaborated around the themes of urban concentration and renewal. Landscape qualities, a concentration of new living environments around the center and infrastructure are means to revitalize the center, to create urban and suburban living environments, to support the service structure, and to shape the public space in and around the city.

Hämeenlinna is a mid-size historical city at a lakeside, with many parks and forests. It has a compact center that has been built in a grid plan. These qualities will be used to make Hämeenlinna an even more attractive city to live in. The focus for the growth of the city is changed from expanding the city outwards into the surrounding forests, to reusing old industrial plots within the city and intensification around the lakeside and the central service axis. The different landscapes offer a diverse basis for different qualities for living environments.


Vision on Public Squares, Deventer

This vision on the public squares in Deventer offers the municipality a perspective for the future development of its squares and most important structures of public space in the historic inner city. The vision is composed of pedestrian zones, public buildings, functions and the quality of the squares, without losing focus on the historic values of the public space.
The traffic and parking has been reorganised to increase the size of the pedestrian zone and increase the quality of the public space, the squares and the terraces.


As a spinoff of our regional vision for the peninsula of Voorne, NL Urban Solutions has developed a vision for the greenhouse intensification area of Tinte. By means of an interactive process, a vision with specific rules and regulations and a landscape framework to embrace the greenhouses, have been developed. Several workshop sessions with all involved parties, ranging from inhabitants of the villages to entrepreneurs of the various greenhouse companies contributed to reach a widely supported vision. This plan has been translated into a zoning plan.