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Chongwen Pagoda Area

‘Jinghe Future Ridge’ is the winning proposal for the Chongwen Pagoda Area urban design competition in Xi’an, China


‘Jinghe Future Ridge’ for Chongwen Pagoda Area is the winning proposal developed by the consortium of NL Urban Solutions B.V. and Beijing Tsinghua Tongheng Planning and Design Institute in the spring of 2021. It was appraised for their people-oriented approach and attention to ecology and local culture.


This 3.78 square kilometer new urban area is located in the Jinghe New City of Xi’an, which is one of the five major clusters of Xixian New District, a state-level new district. In the upcoming 1 to 3 years, Chongwen Pagoda area will become the central area for the construction of Jinghe New City.


The proposal is based on in-depth investigations and has resulted in different design strategies for different parts of the landscape:

The city on the ridge: Due to the difference in site elevation, the eastern side will consist of different high-rise terraces with varying scenery and different views of the city.
The landscape across the ridge: The middle part are several ecological and recreational corridors with elevated land morphology.. Residents can experience nature landscape in these corridors.
The river below the ridge: Integrate the southern side urban development with the Jing River landscape. Various housing and functional blocks are connected by the river green valley.


There are always challenges while creating a new city, especially in terms of attracting new residents. For this reason, we have developed economic and social strategies to attract specific future target groups:

Firstly, focuses on the cultural and innovation related economy, attract entrepreneurs and innovative groups – that will catalyze the development of the city.

Furthermore, identifies the needs of future residents and designed a system of facilities for happy and healthy living.

Thirdly, collaboration with Academician Valley, the other new urban area with knowledge institutes and R&D organizations and key companies will be essential in building up the new city and attracting residents.


The proposal also builds a blue-green network, restore the habitats, and builds a “sponge city” through low impact methods, divide the traffic flow and the pedestrian flow, and provide residents with an enjoyable living environment.


With the ecological, cultural, economic strategies and high quality working and living space, ‘Jinghe Future Ridge’ will become a new model for many other new future urban developments.


Xi'an, China

Design period


Cooperation Partners

Beijing Tsinghua Tongheng Planning and Design Institute


01 Urban Planning & Design, 02 Landscape Design, 06 China Projects