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This is the winning entry of the design and development of 12 ha in Duingeest, transfroming former horticulture area into a luxury green neighbourhood with 220 houses. The location lies close to the existing town, the sea and next to the dune landscape. In the 18th century, the location used to be a dune forest. The plan rehabilitates the original landscape of dune forest and dune landscape forms. The different levels of elevation of the ground form the basis for the double use of the land, hiding cars inside the dune landscape. It makes a car-free forest environment possible, in spite of relatively high density of housing.
The forestry plan includes a place for each grown up tree to be planted between the houses. The plan includes the urban and landscape design, as well as the design for the public space and playgrounds.



the Netherlands


02 Landscape Design, 04 Architecture Design, 07 EU Projects


community, passive building, public space, residential building, residential landscape