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Duoba Central Park Landscape Design

The Central Park is the first phase, pioneering project for the Duoba River Park projects. Located in the junction area of the Huangshui River and the Xinachuan River in the new town center, it is the central city park in Duoba. Concentrating on ‘Nature, Culture, People’, the design will serve as a ‘living room’ for the city of Duoba. While expressing the genius loci, the site is arranged considering its existing natural character, surrounding land use and future programs.

As the central park for the administration and commercial district, the Project will provide suitable park space for urban events and intensive use. At the neighborhood level, various playground and natural leisure spaces will serve residents of multiple generations.

In addition to the Huangshui River, Xinachuan River, and the existing channels, several proposed lakes and wetlands act as main attractions. The organic path form connects the park and surrounding neighborhoods with diverse service facilities, such as a square, tourism center, riverfront boulevard, garden, and a wetland. Together with vivid urban atmosphere, the central park will be a harmonious public site and stimulate for urban and environmental quality.


Duoba New Town, Xining, Qinghai Province, China

Design period



01 Urban Planning & Design, 02 Landscape Design, 06 China Projects


public space, river landscape, urban landscape, urban park