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Xi’An Happiness Green Belt Landscape and Lighting Conceptual Design

The Happiness Green Belt is the ‘third axis’ in Xi`an’s ‘three-belt, three-axis and multi-center’ structure, which is closely linked with the city. It is connected to Chan River and Ba River in the north, Qu River in the south, and core area of the main city in the west. It is the green link and development axis between them.

The project aims to build a famous urban landscape business card and green landmark for Xi`an, maintain the stability of urban ecosystem, become a green passage connecting several urban areas and an important outdoor leisure place for citizen. In addition, the project can help to adjust urban climate, form green island effects, oxygen source and breeze corridor.

The design principles focus on first strengthening the unique landscape language, embodying characteristics of Xi`an, designing landmarks and crating conditions for cultural activities festivals for the region. Secondly, considering the superposition of super-large underground complexes and forest belt, it is necessary to pay attention to the organic connection of underground functions, people flow and space. And lastly, design a continuous slow-moving transportation system and urban ecosystem within the Green Belt. The proposal aims to enhance the experience, participation, interaction and wisdom, provide a healthy and happy forest atmosphere for everyone, and create a symbiotic environment in harmony with nature.




Xi'an, China


Jan-Mar, 2019


02 Landscape Design, 06 China Projects