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Jinghe River Environment Upgrade Management Conceptual Design

The Jinghe River has a long history with prosperous cultural. The river will cross a new to be built Xixian district for half a million people, liying in the middle of the district over a length of 17.5 km, the river space will be the main green-blue corridor of the district. The design will protect the original natural meandering features of the Jinghe River, have a large floodplain, and a riverfront with waterscapes, boulevards and slowtraffic facilities creating a continuous recreational zone, an attractive riverpark.  The riverpark enhances the long history and local landscape characters. The vision is a riverfront combining nature with life and full of vitality.

Based on the principle of ‘living with water’, we have integrated the city water system and the riverfront, with nature-based solution based to keep and reuse the water in recreational waterscapes. The river project is a comprehensive approach on total watersystem. Multiple ecological landscape strategies are integrated with the specific conditions of the flooding zones.

The waterfront space has diverse features, as such countryside, nature, urban balconies, leisure, recreation, and living environments.

The green-blue structure with the total water system in the city is integrated with the waterfront zone. At the same time, the river front is composed to enhance the view corridors, the landscape nodes and landmarks in correspondence with the main entrances, the function and structure of the urban area. The river becomes a through central spine and attraction for the new Xixuan district.


Xi'an, China

Design period

05-08. 2019


02 Landscape Design, 03 Water Management, 06 China Projects